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After you hit the submit button, you will have the opportunity to TOTALLY CUSTOMIZE what specific features you want in your home.  Examples include: (1) 2 car garage, (2) master bedroom on the main level, (3) 3 level home, (4) walk-out basement, (5)  recreation room, (6) den/office desired, (7) lot size no less than 1/4 of an acre, (8) swimming pool, (9) granite kitchen counters, etc. THE SUBSEQUENT PAGE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR UNIQUE PREFERENCES -- BE SPECIFIC!!

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When you are buying a home, having current and accurate knowledge about homes that come on the market which match EXACTLY what you're looking to purchase is CRITICAL. If you're looking on other Internet sites for properties, you need to know that these sites oftentimes do not contain up-to-the-minute accurate information about homes available for sale! Some of these sites have huge LAG TIMES between when a property becomes available for sale versus when it actually shows up on these respective real estate websites! Worse than this, some of these sites show properties available for sale when, in reality, the home is already UNDER CONTRACT!  The problem here is that the BEST DEALS GO FAST - AND OFTENTIMES THE BEST DEALS ON PROPERTIES ARE SOLD IN UNDER FOUR DAYS!

Our FREE 10 Best Buy Service enables you to get priority access in REAL-TIME MODE to the hottest BEST DEALS so that you'll know about them FIRST! This will enable you to beat out other buyers to these best deals because you'll know about them before they do. This will also provide you with an added advantage in that you'll have a favorable edge in your negotiations with the seller.

Here's how it works - our proprietary software system searches through all the properties in real-time mode, from every real estate company as well as our own internal database. Some of the properties we have in our database are not even listed!! We review each and every one of these properties in order to find the BEST real estate deals that match what YOU are looking for in a property. We then federal express your FREE customized list of the "10 Best Buys" in your specific price range, desired location, customized to your own unique needs and preferences. You don't pay a cent for this list, and you're never obligated to buy a home!