How to Raise Your FICO Score By 100 Points!

Avoid Paying TENS OF THOUSANDS of Dollars More on Your Mortgage

If you borrow $550,000 in today’s market and you have a FICO Score that falls between 680 and 699, you’ll end up paying approximately $44,597 more in INTEREST to your bank compared to someone who has the same loan with a FICO Score that falls within the 760 to 850 range. In addition to this, your monthly mortgage payment will be $124 per month MORE for a whopping 30 years!*

If you are like most people, the single largest loan you'll ever have will be a mortgage on a home you purchase. But before you buy a home, be smart and take some time to analyze your credit reports and your FICO score to see if it falls within the range where you can garner the very BEST interest rate on your home loan. If it does not, there are some small, inexpensive steps you can take towards boosting your credit score anywhere between 50 and 100 points in less than 45 days.

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*Assumes a conventional mortgage with an annual APR of 3.589% for FICO Scores that fall within 760-850 range and an annual APR of 3.985% for FICO Scores that fall within the 680-699 range.